Katherine Longly

Visual artist - Photographer

Art workshops - Cultural mediation & participative projects - Trainings


To tell my real intentions, I want to eat only haze like a hermit.

2015 - 2018


This book is an attempt to understand where our relationship with food and our body is rooted, starting from personal experiences, in the specific context of Japanese society (where the pressure held on bodies is perhaps higher than anywhere else).

As a child, I was overweight. Between control and pleasure, my link with food is still now occupied by the ghost of a little girl who was a little too round. The image of oneself finds its foundations in childhood—with force and persistence.

I set out to investigate where our relationship with food is rooted outside my own experience. During several residencies in Japan, I interviewed various people on this topic. For some of them, eating accompanies and reinforces social ties, whether it's within their circle of family and friends or even related to an absent mother. For others, food is a powerful tool of control, allowing one to sculpt their body or to digest their emotions. Whatever it be, eating is never just a technical act.

Then I gave these individuals disposable cameras with the only goal of illustrating this relationship from their own point of view.

Concept, edit and art-direction developed by Katherine Longly in the 2018 Atlas lab photobook making workshop by Alex Bocchetto and Yumi Goto, in collaboration with AKINA and Reminders Photography Stronghold.

With the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International.