Katherine Longly

Visual artist - Photographer

Art workshops - Cultural mediation & participative projects - Trainings


Katherine Longly graduated in photography, communications and anthropology.

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She develops her projects as an exploration of the contemporary world. She identifies a social phenomenon that questions her, then documents it and takes the time to meet its actors to understand its issues from the inside. Her projects are developed over a long period of time, necessary to create a relationship with the protagonists. This relationship is the very material of her projects. She takes images and collects stories, testimonies and archives, which she then organizes into a multi-layered narrative, from which humour is never excluded. She works in close collaboration with the people she meets, and involves them at every stages of the projects. She then imagines setups that stimulate encounters with the visitors.

Her work has been awarded with various prizes, publications and exhibitions in Belgium and abroad. She also took part in artistic residencies (Switzerland, France, China, Japan). She published three books, TO TELL MY REAL INTENTIONS, I WANT TO EAT ONLY HAZE LIKE A HERMIT (self-published artist book, in collaboration with Reminders Photography Stronghold, JP), HERNIE & PLUME (The Eriskay Connection, NL) and JUST MY LUCK (The Eriskay Connection - with Cécile Hupin).

Katherine Longly also practices as a guide and cultural intermediary in various museums, such as WIELS in Brussels. She imagines and conducts photography and contemporary art workshops, participatory projects and trainings for all types of audiences (children, teens, adults, visually impaired, elderly people, etc.) in various associations and institutions.