Katherine Longly

Visual artist - Photographer

Art workshops - Cultural mediation & participative projects - Trainings



With Cécile Hupin

2017 - 2023

Since the dawn of time, people have dreamed of the small miracle that could change their lives. The invention of lottery games turned pure fantasy into the realm of possibility. By simply betting on the right numbers, all our dreams could come true. Intrigued by the real consequences that such an upheaval can have on the lives of players, we went to meet those who have experienced it. Far from the glitter, the stories we heard all seemed inextricably linked to the notions of fortune and misfortune. As if believing in one meant risking activation of the other.

Just My Luck aims to confront the dream with reality by revealing only first-hand accounts while leaving the subjectivity of the protagonists' feelings firmly in focus. Beyond the tenuous link between fortune and misfortune, their testimonies tell the story of our society, its aspirations, its beliefs, and its attitude towards money.

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