Katherine Longly

Visual artist - Photographer

Art workshops - Cultural mediation & participative projects - Trainings


Zwanze your way !

2009 – 2011

Zwanze Your Way ! is a performance imagined by Katherine Longly and Melanie Ferrier, whose aim is to (re-)discover a city in a random way, guided by aleatory encounters.

Melanie and Katherine already zwanzed in Brussels, Dijon and New Delhi.

When we travel in an unfamiliar city, we take a delightful time strolling in the streets, guided by random discoveries, by chance, or by the suggestions of its inhabitants ... And once back in our hometown, the daily routine quickly takes over, our journeys become faster, rational and less curious again.

By setting up the Zwanze Your Way ! project, Melanie and Katherine decided to rediscover their city first, then other cities, taking their time. They let themselves be guided by events and encounters, and made themselves available simply to what is happening.

Zwanze Your Way ! is primarily a performance. The principle is very simple: question a passerby about their favorite place in town, and then go there immediately. There, take time to grab some pictures and stories, then ask another person about their favorite place... and so on. Melanie and Katherine therefore never knew in advance where their walk would end.

Melanie and Katherine set up every instance in a random way to get their starting point (by throwing darts on a map, ...).